Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why Macy Hasn't Been Sold to the Eskimos... yet

It is no secret to anyone who has spent any time with Macy that she has a ..."spicy" personality. I love my daughter but sometimes I think about sending her back from where she came from. She can be very opinionated and have a very shocking temper but for as difficult she can be, she can also be 10 times as funny and cute. Here is a list of why Macy is great. I may need this list to look back on when I am pulling my hair out again one day.

1. Her belly laugh is about the cutest giggle I have
ever heard.
2. When I asked her what she wanted to do tomorrow she said she wanted to "Make cookies for Daddy." When I asked what else she wanted to do she replied with "Go to big park and make treat and surprise for Daddy."
3. After she used the potty tonight she applauded herself and reminded me that she should get a marshmallow. I went after her and she loudly cheered "Good girl Mommy! Mommy marshmallow too!"
4. Whenever Justin uses the bathroom anymore she will run in to inspect and be sure he went and then cheer "Good Girl, Daddy! Dad
dy pee in potty!"
5. Whenever she wants me to sing to her at night she almost always picks "I am a Child of God."
6. She regularly responds to our professions of love for her with "I love you too!"
7. She loves teaching Kylie to sign and she regularly walks up to Kylie and signs something and then tries to get Kylie to do it with her hands.
8. She is such a good "mommy." She could spend all day taking each individual baby (half a dozen) that she has and wrapping them up, dressing and undressing them, feeding them in the highchair and putting th
em to bed- she is always sure to burp them after they eat. She is especially funny when she tells them "Play more in morning," "Eat cereal in morning," or "I love you Baby. Night-night" as she puts them to sleep. These are all phrases she hears nightly when she goes to sleep.
9. Whenever I give her a treat she now has to take it over to her play kitchen and "cook" it before she will eat it.
10. Her new favorite thing to do with me is to bake. Her favorites are muffins, cookies, cakes or any other "treat for Daddy," even though her and I usually eat most of our creation before he gets a chance to try it.
11. If Mac gets an "owie " she can go from screaming in hysterical tears to being completely fine with just a little kiss. If she were to bonk her head she would start crying and say "Kiss head better!" at which point we would kiss it , stopping all tears resulting in a smile and her saying "Head all better!"

I will work on thinking of more but Women's gymnastics is beckoning me!

*A final note for Kylie- when an airplane flew over us today she signed "airplane." No, this was not a fluke, she signed it every time one flew by. I am amazed with how well she is picking up signing now!


Nate and Taryn said...

Oh how I miss that little girl! Before you sell her to the eskimos please give me the opportunity....we'll happily buy her:)! She is so adorable, I hope that Tayla will someday be as good a big sister as Macy is.....*sigh*....someday. Love you guys! Thanks for sharing your hubby too!

Nate and Taryn said...

P.S. Her pigtails could be mistaken for horns though;)

Auntie Nancy said...

What a fun post. Someday your daughters are really going to enjoy reading it! I love getting to know your girls through this blog. I especially love Macy telling Justin "Good Girl!" Too cute. You are doing a great job as a mother and a wife. Lots of love!

Brittany & Barry said...

Alaska??!?! When did you guys move there? I found your blog on Amy/Devin Jensen's whom I found on Tolboe's. Cool thing, huh? How long have you been there? Congrats on the now nearly 1 year old baby - she's cute. What do you mean by her being a "miracle baby?" All sounds well! Good luck!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Hi Nichole! So good to see that you are doing well! Fun to look through your blog!
Shawn McFarland

Rebecca said...

That was such a sweet post. It is fun to learn about your little spicy girl. She sounds very fun to hang out with!

HunnyHull said...

I can't get over the "Good girl daddy!" one! I read that to Jason and we both laughed so hard.

Craig and Lori said...

I LOVE it! Nic, if you look quickly at the picture, you look just like your beautiful Momma. What cute little ones you have!