Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We finally decided to make the leap and to get the girls sleeping in the same room. Why we decided to start this the very night Justin left town for three days, I am not sure but start we did (I think it was part of his plan to get out of the stressful, sleepless nights). And for that, I deserve a gold medal. Its been rough and stressful. I have been sleep deprived and my house is still a wreck with unpacking, organizing and laundry neglected but I come before you today to announce that I have done it. Today's naps and tonight's bedtime went very smoothly with me only having to go in once to get Macy back into bed. I am very happy and excited that we will have a room and two twin beds available for both sets of grandparents as the come to visit in September. They may feel that they are stuck in a sitcom from 1957 but I am sure they will prefer twin beds to an air mattress in the living room.

The upcoming visitors can thank me later. And Justin can take the kids all day when he returns so I can take a hot bath and get some rest!

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jayna said...

It is so great to have them share a room, especially how close in age your girls are. They totally entertain each other. I know because whenever Tyler's out of town, bedtime has been known to "happen" around 6pm...the girls play until 8, but I don't care!