Thursday, October 2, 2008

6 "Remarkable" things about me

Taryn tagged me a while back and I am just now doing it. I guess I am supposed to put six things about me so here we go:

1. I have always been very ambitious and have wanted to do it all. Ask my parents, I regularly changed my lofty goals of what I wanted to be when I grow up. I still want to be all of them but I now recognize that I get to be the most important, a mom. I am still planning to go to grad school when my kids are a little older but I am not yet positive what degree to get. Some things I have wanted and would still love to "be" are:
A doctor, run a PR firm, a cosmetologist, a lawyer, a teacher (I guess I am a sub now) a therapist, a movie director, a psychologist, an FBI profiler (my number one choice), an archaeologist, a photographer, an actress, a state legislature member (still hope to do that), work in hospital administration, a pastry chef and many more.

2. I really want to be great at cooking, baking, sewing and other crafty things before my kids are old enough to know the difference. I figure I have 10 years to get to be really good. I have never felt "talented" at anything but these are abilities I hope to cultivate.

3. Life was not fun after Kylie was born. Justin left for training for three weeks, we were leaving for Alaska and I was having to pack and I was stressed, tired, and trying to recover. I fully credit "The Office" for maintaining my sanity. I watched seasons one and two every night and they helped me to laugh when I wanted to cry. I am now a very loyal follower. Go Pam and Jim!

4. I love to get free things off of craigslist and freecycle. I have blogged about it several times but here is a list of some items I have scored:
A gas grill, a play kitchen, clothes and shoes for the girls, a sit and spin, several toys, mixing bowls, baskets, 8 or so cook books, fish smokers, a freezer, a bicycle, firewood and more.

5. I like dogs but I don't like to touch them. I think they are fun to watch and play with and I would love for my kids to have an outdoor dog but I rarely touch them by choice. Justin and I had his dog, Akela (a ginormous wolf hybrid) that lived with us until we moved to Alaska and I rarely touched him unless I had to. I always promptly washed my hands after even though I really liked him.

6. I love food. Not just like normal average like of food but I truly have a love relationship with food. I get giddy and excited and the idea of a great desert. I could eat out at great restaurants every day and die happy. I love to cook because I feel so proud of myself when something is delicious and I know I created something great. If I know I will be going to one of my favorite places to eat in a few days, I think about it almost constantly until I get to have it. Yeah, I am crazy head over heels in love with really good food.

Ok, I tag Ashley Dudley, Rebecca, Leslie, Christy and Courtney.


Gabe & Christy Beal said...

FUN post! And I think you are very remarkable all without being an fbi profiler! Although, that would be cool, and I can totaly picture you in an "agent starling" getup! You are a FABULOUS mother - and a WONDERFUL friend. And a lot of people suck at those jobs so BE PROUD!!!

johnandcourtney said...

I loved reading those fun things about the hard part will be coming up with 6 of my own...

Brittany Iverson said...

I think that you should do the movie producer. I always loved that dream of yours. I always told my friends that you were going to be the next Steven Spielberg.