Monday, October 6, 2008

The Girls

Here are some updates on the Little Ones:

-13 months and still no teeth....
-She practically runs everywhere she goes now.

-She has also become quite adept at beating up/ defending herself against her sister. Poor Macy doesn't seem to know what's hit her. Lately I spend most of my time, kissing ouies better, breaking up fights over toys and giving timeouts to the kids for hitting each other. Seriously, where did they learn this?
-Yesterday Kylie walked up to me signing "Potty." I picked her up and she had just wet her diaper. I thought that was pretty cool.
-The last few times I have laid her down to change dirty diapers she proudly yells "EWWWW!"
- She thinks she is a comedian. She laughs at
herself constantly and loves attention for being silly.
-Last night she got her first pig tales. This is them this morning after baths. The two were awfully cute but it was nearly impossible to get them to both look at me and smile at the same time.

Macy Jo:
-Saturday during conference (which I was watching on our laptop) she ran up to me when she heard the kids singing "I am a Child of God" and yelled, "Mom! Kids singing my song!" When I started singing along she corrected me, "No Mom. Kids do it." She then sang along and was so excited to watch it. Then when the man started to pray she thought he was helping her to do and she folded her arms and repeated everything he said. It was pretty cute.
-I may have to start buying 2 of everything because I am sick of them fighting over EVERY THING. If one wants the rocking chair, the other does. Same with the car, baby (although we have 7), stroller (we have 2 but they are different), certain stuffed animals, etc.
-Grandma and Grandpa Smith took us to Chuck E. Cheese before they left Wednesday. She thought it was about the coolest place ever. Justin had to get his parents to the airport so I stayed with Macy to finish using our tokens. She had a blast playing ski ball, throwing footballs, riding little rides but, most importantly, getting tickets. There are several machines that randomly spit tickets out and we would get excited when we would find these and Macy would run up to get them. We only had one minor incident when she ran up and took some kid's huge string of tickets. She has since asked me several times to go to Chuck E. Cheese.
- Thanks to Grandma, Macy now thinks that restaurants equate milk shakes. While Justin was out of town I took them to McDonalds to run around the play place. When I told Macy we were going to the restaurant she immediately asked for a "Shake Milk." She got chocolate milk and didn't know the difference.

I know I am not as exciting as the kids but I am very proud of myself because I made homemade whole wheat bread the other day and we have been using it all week for sandwiches and just as our regular bread. I feel very accomplished at having achieved this task. The recipe was very simple and just tasted ok but I got my friend Lizzie's recipe and her bread is amazing. I can't wait to try it out!


Ashley and Jeremy said...

oh no! Little Kylie is growing up and getting a personality with out me! no fair, she must be closer to her favorite aunt or her life will end in tears!

jayna said...

Sorry I've visited your site like a billion times today- I keep getting interrupted! (that's what I get for trying to read blogs at a time other than when my kids are asleep!)

So cute- I love watching sisters play together, and yes, fight...

They really do grow up so fast.