Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How was your day?

This is what I saw out my window when I woke up yesterday. Enjoy your fall people, mine is over.And here are some fun things you should know about the little chicas:

Apparently 13 month olds know how to pretend. I didn't think they were capable of this until a little older but Kylie has proven me wrong. This morning in the bath tub she would pretend to take food out of a cup and then feed it to Macy, me, Justin and herself. Every time she did it with "Yum yum" and lip smacking noises. I was pretty impressed. Unfortunately, she has also learned to pretend to cry when she isn't getting her way.

Last night and this morning Macy has been walking around with her dolls saying "Look Mommy, look Daddy. Her name is Baby." I guess she somewhat has the idea of naming things now.


The Chizel Family said...

oh man, I am NOT looking forward to THAT! wish you were down here to hang out with us!

brie said...

Oh, that sucks. It's supposed to snow though in UT this

Okay, so I got that live traffic feed on my blog after I read about your's, and it's pretty cool to see where your site hits are coming from. I'm getting a bunch from Canada and England, and like New Hampshire or something...weird. Also I've gotten some from Germany!

Also, I'm going to join your reading group blog - this week has been horribly hectic, but I'm going to get to it in the next day or two, okay? :)

Rebecca said...

I love hearing what your kids are doing. That little Macy sounds like a smarty pants.

Nate and Taryn said...

I miss those girls. I'm excited to see you guys in a couple of months. The girls will have so much fun together. That's cute that Kylie is pretending, Tayla started around her first birthday and I love it! Give them hugs and kisses!

The Hemming Family said...

Ahh!! Snow...I am dreading it here in Utah too, nono fun! Soo cute about your girls though. Littl Kylie sounds like a riot!