Saturday, October 4, 2008

Live traffic feed

Ok, so this live traffic feed thing I put on the bottom is creepy. I can pretty much tell who has been looking at my blog and when. I obviously can't tell everyone but I know that Christy, Brittany, Amanda and Melissa have all read my last post in the last little bit. I mean, I know people are reading the posts (thanks to comments and counter) but it is still a whole other feeling to know who is doing it and when. It is even weirder that some person found my blog on google by searching potty training.
Maybe I should become private?
And if Lisa (my cousin's wife) sees this, add me to your list! I want to read your blog!

Anyway, just my random thoughts on now being able to stalk those who are stalking me. It is an obsessive cycle that is very addicting (and redundant).


Amanda said...

I have one on mine too, but I use it to make sure I dont have creepy's looking. I am sure I will eventually go private. just not yet.

Robert J said...

Hi Nichole, I frequently check out the nieces and nephews blogs. I love your stories about your cute girls and your Alaska adventures. Very entertaining!
Love to all, Vicki

The Chizel Family said...

oh crap!! I'm glad you told me about this! I frequently check my old boyfriends blog and he has one one the side of his blog, I was just too dumb to figure out what it was!!!

jayna said...

I figure it's one of those things where being "private" really doesn't mean that much anyways because you are still posting info on the world wide web that people know how to see if they want.

But I tell myself: Who really cares that much besides people I know who wonder about our life. If someone was looking to steal some kids, there are easier pickins'.

Auntie Nancy said...

Your Blog's "new look" is very charming. Nice change.