Sunday, October 12, 2008

Daddy, Mommy, Macy Date

Thanks to Debi who hooked us up with vouchers for free tickets, Justin and I took Macy to a family chorus show last night called Young at Heart. We left Kylie asleep in her bed with Randy and Debi to watch her and took our two year old to her first real show. She loved that she got to get dressed up and go out with Mommy and Daddy. I thought it was funny that she immediately grasped the concept of "a special date" because she was excited about it all night. She bounced with excitement when the lights went down in the big theater and everyone started applauding. Any time it was time to clap she would beam and clap as loud as she could. She obviously didn't know almost any of the songs the choir sang or the orchestra performed but she sang along anyway. (Fortunately, there were a lot of kids there so her noise didn't stand out too much) The first half of the show was a little boring and she was very antsy. We were sitted in the orchestra section next to the wall by the door so she kept sneaking out and laying in the aisle to watch. She was so tired but so interested in what was going on. After intermission things improved drastically. The Little Mermaid came down in a swing from up in the rafters and sang "Part of Your World." Macy's smile and excitement at seeing "My Mermaid" come down from the sky and sing was worth every tantrum she had thrown that day. She was very sad when the mermaid left and she regularly asked, through the rest of the show where her mermaid went. The orchestra also played some Star Wars songs and they had some characters come out and play- I mean "fight"- with their light saber things. Macy thought those were pretty neat too.
When we left the woman who played the Little Mermaid was standing in the lobby, right next to our exit. I don't think I will ever forgive myself for not having a camera then. Macy was so excited to get to see her up close and she could hardly contain herself.

Earlier in the evening Randy and Debi were over and hanging out. Randy made some great whipped topping to go over strawberry short cake. A week or so ago I had discovered online how to make butter in my mixer and I have been itching to try it ever since. Justin informed me that most people make butter in a jar in elementary school- apparently I missed out because I thought this was about the coolest concept in history. Anyway, we made the butter with the left over whipping cream and it was really good on my homemeade bread.
So yesterday was a fun day!


Mike and Tiffany said...

What a fun date night! We so need to do that with Maddie!!

Gabe & Christy Beal said...

Cute! I just read your last two posts, and Macy is so darling I cant stand it! and how the heck do you know how to sew a WHOLE DRESS???? I need you to teach me. I cant do sleeves, zippers, sad!
But I want to learn.

The Hemming Family said...

How fun! That is so nice that Randy comes and watches your kids! I bet you love having someone you trust close by. What a fun day, and really I am very impressed about your homemaking skills, thats awesome!