Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls

I had to take pictures because the girls were being so cute at breakfast. Last night Justin came home and said that he had been craving cinnamon rolls. The hopeful look in his eyes clued me in that he hoped I would make some. I was thrilled to indulge him because he usually isn't usually that into sweets, but I don't think he realized that it would several hours for them to be finished. We ate ours at 10 last night and then the girls got a special treat for breakfast in the morning.

I love this one. Kylie says "Please Mom, can I have some more?"

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The Beals said...

Id pay at least 5 dollars for a bit of a homemade cinnamon roll! Ive been making pumpkin rolls which are the halloween alternative, but they take so long that I end up eating the filling and getting sick on it! Your girls are adorable. I cant wait to see them this christmas!