Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Town

Every year they have a thing called Halloween town in a big warehouse in midtown Anchorage. They have numerous booths where kids can go trick or treating indoors (without their full winter gear) and then there is entertainment, jump houses, food and other booths with things to look at. We had planned on going to an activity in the park but the 20 degree temperature scared me off so we forked over the money to buy some tickets to Halloween town and I am glad we did. The girls looked adorable in their costumes and Justin and I have been snacking out of their trick or treat bags ever since (this is also now Macy's potty reward supply). It wasn't ideal for our little ones because they had to walk in a line most of the time to go to each booth and toddlers have the tendency to want to run, unrestrained, but it still went well and was enjoyable.
Here are the girls checking out the big spider.

Daddy and Miss Mary.
Mommy and the Little Lamb.

Macy was so excited about this "polar bear"... until he picked her up- then she was terrified.

It was a fun day. We have trunk or treating at the church of Friday but it will be cold so the costumes won't be quite as exciting when they are in coats and hats.


Nate and Taryn said...

So cute! Have fun at Trunk or treat, I don't envy your temperatures.....we are such wusses that they have our ward trunk or treat inside a huge barn so all the car and kids can be inside! Good luck:) Give Mary and her lamb hugs and kisses!

Anonymous said...

Their costumes are so cute! It looks like the lamb fits well! :)

Auntie Nancy said...

The little lamb outfit is the cutest I've seen. Especially those "feet"!! Ha Ha I love them.
Both girls look soo sweet.