Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Big Girl Bed!

Macy has been going to sleep really well lately so we decided to start putting her in her "Big Girl Bed." Friday, before her nap, Justin went in and stole her crib mattress and told her that the crib broke. He then put her in her bed and told her that this is where she is going to sleep now. She kept repeating "crib, broke" and went to sleep perfectly. It has been a pretty smooth transition. We haven't taken her crib down because we are going to put Kylie in it soon so they are sharing a room. Anyway, here are some pictures of her waking up after sleeping in her big bed.

And here is one after Kylie pulled herself up to Macy's rocking chair. She is too cute (notice the super goopey eye. The doctor was scheduled out 6 weeks for the consultation so who knows when she will be getting it fixed.)
And here is one more of Kylie being adorable in her High Chair. She loves to eat and is usually pretty happy in that chair. I was also excited to get this chair because it is one of the few Brand new Items that we bought for the kids- most are craigslist or garage sale finds. I was pretty proud of myself. $57 brand new and free shipping on amazon. It's all about the bargains people.


Ashley and Jeremy said...

kylie is so fat!

and macy is getting so big!

(dont' worry once they hit about 10-14 i'll stop telling them those types of things)

Cameron/Melissa said...

I just wanted you to know that in Running Springs it is colder than in Alaska. We got 6 inches of snow this weekend and it is still so cold today! About 40 degrees. So when I saw that it was 62 in Alaska I just had to write. I hope Justin appreciates it.

Good idea with the bed.

Melissa (Wade's brother, Cameron's wife.)