Monday, May 5, 2008

Day Four

Kylie is still crying and I wish Justin was here to reassure me that she is okay. It isn't the initial going to bed time that is the problem. It is the two wake ups before midnight that are. She always wants to nurse at these times and these wakings aren't getting easier to deal with. When she awakens in the middle of the night she will go back to sleep, it's these early ones that are so rough and that she always cries and cries through. Any suggestions on what to do?
We had to take Macy to the doctor this morning because she has had a fever all week. They had to do a catheter and draw blood to do some tests to see what is wrong. Poor girl screamed through the catheter and when the lady walked in to take her blood she clung to Justin and screamed again. We kept promising chocolate to her when we got home but to add insult to injury they called us a minute into our drive because the lab tech had forgotten to draw blood for a culture so Justin had to take her back in. As devastated and upset as she would get, her dad was able to get her laughing pretty quickly after it was all over. I was so glad that he was there because every time she would start screaming I was fighting back the tears. She was extremely well behaved and held very still. Apparently she has some infection and we started her on antibiotics but we will know specifically what it is in a few days. I am just glad she can start getting over this fever.

Justin didn't have to work today so he jumpseated on a C-46 flight to see the procedures and to get to know the plane better. I wish he was here because I think Kylie would do better if he went in to check instead of me because she knows he can't nurse her. Ugh, I am too distracted to write more. See ya.

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jayna said...

Hang in there! It will all be worth it when you have SO many hours of uninterrupted sleep!!