Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I jinxed it

I jinxed myslef by several minutes ago thinking that Kylie might actually not wake up within an hour of going to sleep. No such luck. So, here I sit, writing as she screams in her crib. I got a burp out when she first woke up so maybe that was the devilish little culprit...
I realized today that I haven't posted any cute pictures for a while so here is a fun collection:
Macy and Dad checking out the old planes at Saturday's aviation trade show.

Here's the family in front of one of "Daddy's planes." Kylie was out cold and we couldn't justify waking her up for the picture. Notice how high off the ground the cockpit is. Justin has said it is such a weird feeling being that high up and taxiing the plane.
We wore Macy and Justin out with our day with the airplanes. Kylie was ready to climb all over everyone and play. In the car on the way home Macy kept repeating "Cool Airplane! Cool
Airplane!" I thought it was pretty funny.

And Kylie had fun hanging out with Justin while I cleaned the house. She loved helping him put new shocks and tires on the truck. Whenever anyone would look at her she would grin from ear to ear and start bouncing. Pretty cute girl!

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