Thursday, May 8, 2008

Break me in slowly...

I love the outdoors and going to walks and hikes but the kind of hikes I enjoy are usually more of the leisurely stroll type. My outdoors man husband loves to backpack and go on 15 miles hikes. We decided to break me in slowly so I can work up to something more than a walk around our neighborhood. Last night we went on a "hike" (one mile, each way) with Randy and Debi. I did pretty well although in the very beginning there was a fairly steep hill we went up thAT ABOUT KILLED ME. (Sorry, Kylie just pushed Caps Lock for me and I think it adds a dramatic flare to that statement so I will leave it.) Anyway, the rest of the hike wasn't bad at all and we enjoyed being outside and going to see a big gorge with a water fall at the end. The plan was to let Macy walk and then to carry here when she got tired but once she saw Kylie on Justin's back in the carrier, she got jealous so she rode on his shoulders most of the way. Kylie was content as could be and while Macy "sang" most of the time, Kylie barely made a sound. She enjoyed the view although she didn't see much more than Macy's behind most of the time. She also fell asleep with her head on Macy's bum on the way back. Too precious:
Macy enjoyed playing with Debi and Randy on the trail:
And hiding inside a hollowed out tree:

And here is some Alaska education for all you Southerners down there. This is a Native Cemetery and they build little two foot tall huts on top of the graves for the souls of the dead to live in:

And one final update:
Kylie Only woke up once, at 5:00 a.m. Then she slept until 9:30. I am now a believer of the cry it out method.


Ashley and Jeremy said...
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Ashley and Jeremy said...

Good Job. now i am banned from the internet by my husband because every time i get on your page i complain about how badly i want children, YOURS ARE SO CUTE!

Brittany Iverson said...

Kylie falling asleep on Macy's bum- Adorable. Mini soul huts- creepy.

Linley and Austin said...

Hey Nicole! Looked like you guys had a lot of fun on your hike. That pic of Kylie asleep on Macy's bum is too cute :) Glad to hear that Kylie had a good sleep! Miss ya!