Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and then some...

I had intended to do a "Mother's Day" Post but the day got away from me so here it is- even if its a day late.

Yesterday was nice. Justin had meetings in the morning for church so he had to hurry to get ready and rush out the door (we had slept in to 9:15, a great unintentional present from my girls). I was pleasantly surprised to hear him come back in 15 minutes later because he called a friend who let him know that the meetings had been canceled for Mother's Day.
Church was good and Macy was well behaved through Sacrament meeting and she stayed in nursery the entire time. We had some friends over for a gourmet dinner of pancakes, prepared and cooked by my magically talented husband. The kids were soon off to bed and it was just a fun good day.

I was told that my Mother's Day gift had not yet arrived but just before bed Justin told me what it was. So people don't think I have a chauvinistic husband I should preface this by saying he got me something that I had been really wanting and that he thought it would be nice for me to have too. It is Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease Collection on DVD. Awesome, right? I guess you would have to really know me to know that this is something I would totally love. I wish I had had it when my sister Ashley got married so we could have had a fun girls party and danced that night away. Would could be better? Exercise that is fun and can help me feel more confident. I am sure Justin is hoping to benefit from my workouts as well :) He was embarrassed when I said I would tell people what he got me so now he keeps insisting that it is from Macy and Kylie. I had previously borrowed my neighbor's DVD and had fun working out to it while the girls napped. I have the best husband ever.

I enjoyed church more than usual yesterday. I like Mother's Day because I get to spend time reflecting on what a good mom I have and how much I want to be like her. She worked so hard to give us everything she could and to give all of herself to us. She always did and still does so much for her five kids. I have always appreciated her but it took me having two chicas of my own before I reached a whole new level of awe and amazement at her greatness. I often wonder how she managed five kids when I often feel like I am drowning with two.
Anyway, yesterday I also discovered that on the day where I am supposed to feel appreciated (which I did) I really just swelled up with gratitude for my little girls. I couldn't stop thinking about how blessed I am to be their mom and to have them in my life everyday. I look at Macy's spicy personality and I can't believe that I gave birth to her little 3 pound body almost two years ago. And Kylie was such a shocking yet wonderful blessing who brings us so much joy, I can't imagine my life without them!

Here are my lovelies on Saturday playing together with a toy I got for them off of Craigslist for FREE.

Yes, my craigslist addiction paid off and I am pretty proud of myself for it. I am hoping to get most of Macy's birthday presents off of it so we can get more bang for our buck.

And here is a picture of me striking a pose for Justin. We stayed up Saturday night watching 27 Dresses (good but not as funny as it had been built up to be) and when it ended at 11:00 we realized it was still pretty light out and that we should take a picture to show everyone. It didn't get totally dark until about midnight. This is the time of year when I love Alaska. He told me to pose and we proceeded to have a photo shoot of me in various spastic positions but this is the only one that didn't turn out completely blurry. I am fabulous, I know...

And one final picture that Justin snapped of Macy yesterday as she read books to her bear and Elmo. He snuck up on her with the camera and snapped this just as she looked up. Another precious moment of my girl!


Ashley and Jeremy said...

hm, where do i begin. as always your kids are so darn cute! your husband is great i know how badly you wanted those movies, so next time you come down please bring them and we can have a party anyway. it'll be good fun. when are you coming down next anyway? i heard a rumor about june perhaps. ok we need to talk later because i miss you and i love you and i'm glad you had a great mother's day! my husband wished me a happy wife's day which was good enough for me haha! love you all!

Rebecca said...

So I hate to admit this but I just might have those DVD's too. But don't tell anyone. Tell Randy hi from me next time you see him. I am still hoping I might get to come to Alaska in July. It all depends on how the fishing goes. But that would be fun to come see you and your cute babies.