Friday, May 2, 2008

Praying for a distraction

I have been letting Kylie cry herself to sleep lately and I hate it. Yet I love it at the same time too. I feel horrible the entire time she is screaming but so relieved when she actually falls asleep and its amazing how much more time I gain by not having to rock or nurse her to sleep and how much easier it is for me to get Macy to bed when Kylie can be working on going to sleep at the same time. Fortunately Macy is also getting more used to Kylie crying which is preparing us for tomorrow night when we will start letting Kylie cry during the night when she wakes up. She has gotten in this terrible habit (my fault- I know) where she won't go to sleep unless I nurse her at night. I got into this habit because I so desperately wanted to keep her quiet so she wouldn't wake up Macy. Well, after several weeks of little sleep Justin and I are going to join forces tomorrow night and start working on the cry it out method. I am praying it works, otherwise it will be torture for nothing (I think she just fell asleep- by the way). I have been researching online the last several days and I have decided that we must do it. I also want to do it better than we did with Macy because Macy struggled with sleeping well up to 18 months.
Here are some cute pics of Kylie from this evening:Kylie enjoys standing behind Macy's princess car but she hasn't figured out how to walk with it yet. That wouldn't matter except Macy likes to jump on and "drive" it, resulting in Kylie being drug behind. Such fun little children!


Auntie Nancy said...

It is going to work! You and Justin will be doing the right thing so just hang in there! It will definately be worth it. I wish I had done it with Marina. I didn't but I watched my niece and nephew let their daughter cry it out and she knows how to sleep by herself now! Uncle Forrest and I will say our prayers for you. Sweet dreams!


Chelsea said...

she's already so much bigger since i saw her last!! i'm so sad..if you want a nanny for the summer, im here for ya. and i won't even charge you!

Lowders said...

Don't be so mean to my granddaughter! Pick her up immediately when she cries! coddle her always and reward her with food whenever she opens her mouth!! (I am a grandparent after all!!)

Michelle Andrade said...

I know how tough it is to let her cry it out....but it'll be worth it later! I bet she'll catch on quickly - what a doll! We just did the same thing with Meghan about a month ago and she's a little dream sleeper know. I didn't even think it was possible to sleep through the night until Matt & Meghan were in college!

Good luck - we'll cross our fingers for you. It's so hard to let them cry, but I bet you'll be surprised at how fast she figures it out!

Amanda said...

I don't think many people with think less of you for letting her cry to sleep. I think everyone has done it at some point!
Hope it works!!