Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Children are Swimsuit Models or Why I am a Horrible Mother

I ran off to Fred Meyer's today to do a little grocery shopping before Justin left for his flight. While I was there I discovered they were having their Baby Sale and Almost all the baby stuff was half off. On top of that, I had a %15 off coupon so I decided it was time to get the girls their swimsuits for the year. I couldn't decide which ones I wanted so I bought a bunch to let them try on. Which do you think we should keep?

Macy really got into the whole "posing" thing. Justin told me I had created a monster and I think he is right. I didn't try to get Kylie to pose, she did it all on her own...

We will probably go with the pink polka dot for Macy, it definitely fit her skinny body best.

For Kylie, I am a little bummed because Macy's old one fit her. I had wanted an excuse to buy her a new one but I don't think my husband will see the value of my baby having two swimming suits. I liked the last one best. The solid Pink gave her baby cleavage and the second one is Macy's from last year. It is still cute so it will work.

In other news, we bought a car yesterday. We had sold our Honda with the plan of buying another car
once we got here. That idea was temporarily pushed aside but thanks to Uncle Sam, we were finally able to get that second vehicle. It gives me an oddly familiar feeling to drive because it is just like the car we sold, only a different color. It's not pretty and it's not special but it will get us from A to B with little gas and I will no longer be stranded or have to make 2 a.m. airport trips with the kids to pick up Justin.

He is gone again for a night or two to go play in Southern California with some friends. I didn't mind because we have a play date lined up for tomorrow and the weather is really nice so we shouldn't get too bored. He is going to try and bring back California fruit for us, which should be very exciting.

Let me know what you think about the swim suits... And does it make me terrible that my daughters are posing for the camera in swimsuits? All in good fun, right? :)


Ashley and Jeremy said...

hahahah i LOVE it! ok the green one for macy is soooo cute but you're right the first one looks like it fits best and its still very adorable. kylie is so cute in the first one i about peed my pants, they are definitely your children and natural models, you should go find a cutest baby contest or something somewhere. they'd have the bikni category down like it was nothing.
don't worry you aren't a bad mom up until the last few pictures where it changes from cute swimsuit models to a completely naked macy in the background, way to expose your children to the world sister!

Amanda said...

I love the green one on Macy! I just love that color on girls though.... and Kylie is just stinkin cute no matter what. I love that they pose for the camera

the mortensen's said...

I love that green one on Macey and I love that first pink one on Kylie.
I love when it's time ti get swimsuits, kids are so cute in them

johnandcourtney said...

Ok- how cute are your girls! I love it. Hey, how do you get a cute background on your blog? How do you post pictures with your post? Help...I am inept.

aLana said...

i love the first one on macy, but i am partial to pink and polka dots! :) and the second one is my vote for kylie, so i'm glad it's already hers! how warm does it get in the summer? will they even be able to go outside to swim?!

Anonymous said...

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