Thursday, April 23, 2009

April in Anchorage

When it is sunny and 45 degrees in Anchorage you will find dozens of children at the playground across the street wearing short sleeves and shorts. Some were barefoot.

And when going on a walk you will also have to dodge Moose droppings found on the sidewalk right by our house.

You will find people chipping away at the remaining ice and snow that has not yet melted away from their yards and driveways. They are also spraying ash off of everything.

Macy will want to go to the playground. Every day. I am so sick of being stuck in the house all of the time that I take her.

She will want to pick leaves up off of the ground to play with only to put it down, shaking her head and saying "That one is too dirty. It has ash on it."

Macy and Kylie will collect hundreds of gravelly pebbles and every time we go to a park (there are more than three within walking distance and we rotate which one we go to). Their pockets are full of them after every trip.

So this is a random post, I know. But I just wanted to let you all know how life is in Alaska right now. And here are some fun new phrases from Kylie Bug:
"I do it!"
"Clean Up! Clean up!"
"All done!"
"Whoa" for whenever she trips or falls off the couch- yes, this happens all of the time.
"Silly Mommy."
and my not so favorite:
"Macy! Macy!" which would be great except she does it in the mornings to wake Macy up and no one wants Macy awake before she is ready. I can promise you that. I woke up at 4:30 yesterday to her standing in her crib yelling for Macy. Oh, this is going to be fun with both of them talking so much :)

And on a final note:
Happy Anniversary Justin!
I love you more every day and I am so proud of you! I am so blessed to have such a hardworking and loving husband. Thanks for all you do!


The Hemming Family said...

This was a great post, it's so fun to hear what Alaska is like for you guys! Oh, and a great big congrats to Justin for the new!!! That really is such exciting news for you and your family! Yahh!!! Love your crafty church bag too!

Ashley and Jeremy said...

my favorite post of the week :)