Friday, April 24, 2009

More Wash Cloths

Today I added two bundles of wash cloths to my store. I have two more bundles in the works that are a bit more feminine so check back soon!
I have been using my wash clothes for my girls for a little over a month and they have worked great for us. I made these a half inch larger than my original group but they are the same other than that. I hardly ever use paper towels anymore to clean up the girls so it is nice to ave money there, plus I am certain I have saved a very large amount of garbage by using these reusable wash cloths. Some people uses these as baby wipes but I just don't think I am that dedicated :).


Shawn and Lily said...

So adorable!!

The Hemming Family said...

Those are so cute! Oh and I forgot to post a comment about how exciting that is about Justin's new job!!!! Wahoo!!! That is so great and you guys deserve it! So what will you do now? Will you stay in Alaska?