Friday, April 17, 2009

Kimono Dress- Plus, I need help!

So I have not been feeling well lately so instead of cleaning my house and doing a lot of chores, I did about half of them and and sat around and sewed a Kimono Dress for Macy. It took far less energy than cleaning the bathrooms would have. Anyway, here it is. I actually bought the fabric at Walmart and I figure this dress cost me $3 to make. Okay, I will give Walmart cheap credit this time although I firmly believe that one can get much better stuff at Joann for the same or better price with a coupon. Anyway, here she is:

I think this turned out great. I am planning on going to one of the upcoming quilt store sales in the area to buy some pink floral prints for some other dresses. It will end up costing much more for the dresses but will be so worth it.

Anyway, I am trying to work on my etsy store. Anyone who has been around and seen some things I have done, can you give me some suggestions? I was thinking I could have a few Kimono dresses in different sizes, some bubble skirts, maybe a hot pad and oven mitt set or two... what do you think? Also, what do you think people would pay for things? I don't need a huge profit margin because it is fun to do, but I do want to make enough to buy more fabric :). I also plan to carry Favorite Things patterns as soon as I place my order to get some in. Any certain patterns any one thinks I need to get?
Any and all feedback would be helpful.
And thanks for the serious comment love on my last post. I was so disappointed when the shirt didn't fit well but you all made me feel better.

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Mary said...

Be sure your fun book club purse is in your store! Remember how we all gushed about it???