Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Morning Easter

Today we did part one of Easter which, for us, was the Easter Bunny baskets and searching for eggs. We try to devote Sunday to the religious aspect of Easter (the real purpose) and keep the fun stuff for today. As soon as Macy woke up this morning she wanted to go and see that the Easter Bunny came. I am pretty sure she thought he was coming to stay and play with her. She was very patient to wait for Kylie to wake up before we ventured out into the living room to find their baskets and then search for eggs.

Here is Kylie's Easter basket. I learned my lesson and made this one a bit bigger. Easter Bunny Brenda sent a few things for the girls (stickers and Color Wonder markers, bunny ears and candy) and then Mom and Dad Bunny included a pair of scissors for Macy (she had been wanting some since she got to use Grandma Terri's) and The Children's Songbook CD's for Kylie.

Kylie figured out the egg hunt thing faster than Macy did. It didn't take long for both of them to get into ti and we loved their little squeals whenever they would discover another egg. It was lots of fun getting to play Easter Bunny this year and really fun this morning because they are finally old enough to "get it."
Tomorrow we will head to church and then we have a big Easter dinner planned with friends for the evening. We are still excited for that part!
And video will come as soon as I figure out how to break video from our recorder into small enough segments.


Linley and Austin said...

Too cute! That was the cutest idea ever Nichole. Love the bags and searching for eggs...brings back fond memories when I was a kid. Anyway, good job on the bags!

Brittany said...

Happy Easter! Your baskets turned out so cute! Good job!

Beth said...

Oh, I have been wanting to make those baskets for so long! Easter would have been a great excuse! It is nice to hear others are still celebrating easter for religious reasons, and not just hollow choclate bunnies! :O)